Stat Generation Method
I’m going to use the Heroic method listed in the Pathfinder Beta.
Roll 2d6 and add 6 to the results of the dice. Record this result and repeat the process until six scores are generated. Assign these results to your ability scores as you see fit.
If these rolls end up lower than the Heroic (20) point buy, you may use that instead.

Hit Points
Another place where the beta rules ask you to pick a method and test it. The Constitution method seems to high, others like not enough. I think I’ll err on the side of the lower… it’s always easier to give than take away.
Flat: Maximum hit points for 1st level plus your Constitution modifier and any other bonuses. In addition, each character receives a flat 6 bonus hit points, regardless of race or class.

Starting Money
Use max starting money for your (primary)class.

Use the simplified armor method. You are as encumbered as the armor you are wearing, unless you are carrying gear far in excess of that. i.e. If you are wearing medium armor, you are moderately encumbered. Light armor is lightly encumbered. Etc.


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