Matt's Rise of the Runelords

CharGen Session

Ailis Tapley Half-elf Rogue: Hailing from the town of Riddleport. Daughter of a human tavern keep and an elven ne’er do well. Left town after getting into a bit of trouble back home. Trade roads led her down to Sandpoint, and the swelling festival population made a good place to loose herself in anonymity.

Tekal Wind-Blown Human Barbarian: Shoanti of the Tamiir-Quah (Wind Clan). Is on the walkabout portion of his life where he’s left his tribe to wander and make an expeirenced warrior out of himself. Generally this involves getting into trouble and being rowdy. Does have a sense of loyalty to friends.

Etina Jewelfist Human Monk: Vudrani, hails from the city of Padiskar on the isle of Jalmeray. Has traveled to Sandpoint to check on a student from her dojo, who is reported to be working for one of the local luminaries as a bodyguard.

Kajsa Bramblington Gnome Druid: From the Sanos forest. Has a Stormroc companion (basically a recolored eagle). Has traveled to Sandpoint to witness the harvest festival.

A bit of setting blather

The world of Golarion is one of moderate to high fantasy. Ancient empires have risen and fallen. Nations have been reduced to magic suffused plains of ash. Rifts to hell have opened and allow demons to walk the lands. A nation is encased in eternal bitter winter. And yet, few heroes have risen to the call. Here and there power beings have made their way with sword and magic, but figures of immense power out for the betterment of the world are few and far between. There are legends to make, treasures to be found, and battles to be won.

The continent of Avistan, forming the northern frame of the Inner sea region, holds the ruins of the lost Thassilon empire which flourished nearly 10,000 years ago. The once powerful nations of Cheliax and Taldor slide slowly into rot, one allied with demonic forces the other merely collapsing under the weight of it’s decadence and short sightedness.

Modern Varisia, the region that Thassilon once covered with civilization and learning, is now a rugged frontier land. The barbarous Shoanti (show AHN tee) and nomadic Varisian (vah RHIS ee ann)have no central government so the largely untamed lands are largely under control of whoever can project their force of arms across them. While small towns and villages dot the lands, wild animals and worse make travel a risky proposition for the ill prepared. There are, however, a few notable exceptions. The city-state of Korvosa, in the Southeast edge of these lands, clings to both it’s own monarchy and it’s ties to Cheliax. Magnimar, located on the mid point of the coast if not the land itself, is the second largest of the city-states and currently sees it’s fortunes in ascendance. In the northern reaches of the land Riddleport, the smallest and last of the notable city-states, is a chaotic place where strength of arms will serve you better than a reliance on the “law” as it’s dictated by the crime lords who rule here.

The town of Sandpoint lies some 40 to 50 miles Northeast of Magnimar along the coast of the Varisian Gulf. It pays allegiance to that city-state, and owes some of it’s survival to their support.

Random notes for the start of the game.

While the world has it’s own calendar, I will probably just use the real world equivalents for months and days because I have enough trouble keeping myself up with it, much less everyone else.

ICly the game will be starting in the year 4708 AR (Absalom Reckoning), the second week of October (Lamashan). Everyone will be in Sandpoint for the Swallowtail festival, which occurs on the Autumnal Equinox. This year’s festival is also coinciding with the consecration of the new Sandpoint Cathedral, a multi-god temple. Everyone needs to be either from the town, or there on some business that would leave them fee to partake in adventuring… cause you know, that is what the game is about.

In the winter of 4702 Sandpoint was the home of “The Chopper”, a serial killer who killed 25 people over the course of a month. Eventually revealed to be a local eccentric, Jervis Stoot, the crimes put a strain on the community that while no stranger to crime and death, had never witnessed anytime so gruesome as bodies carved up and their eyes and tongues stolen away. While he was cornered and died at his own hands, the tragedies of that year did not end there as a month later the old church burned to the ground taking the village priest with it. This time is referred to as “the late unpleasantness” by those villagers wishing to put the past behind them.


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