Tekal Wind-Blown (deceased )

A Shoanti Barbarian, out to see the world and learn his place in it.

Name: Tekal Wind-Blown
Race: Human (Shoanti, of the Tamiir-Quah, or Wind Tribe)
Class: Barbarian
Homeland: The Tamiir-Quah hail from the Storval Plateau of Western Korvosa.
Size: Medium Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet, 0 inches Age: 16
Weight: 176 Pounds Hair: Shaven
Deity: Gorum Eyes: Brown
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Current XP: 2950 Next Level: 3300

Stat Score Modifier
Str: 16 +3
Dex: 13 +1
Con: 16 +3
Int: 10
Wis: 12 +1
Cha: 10

Max HP: 36 Initiative: +1
Rage Points: 12
Speed: 45 Feet (9 Squares)
Speed in Armor: 45 Feet (9 Squares)
AC: 15 (10 + 4 Armor + 1 Dex)
Touch: 11 Flat-Footed: 14
Dodge AC Bonus: +1 (When Applicable)
Shield AC Bonus: +1 (When Equipped)
Fortitude: 6 Base Attack Bonus: +2
Reflex: 1 CMB: +5
Will: 1
Light Load: 0-76 lb Lift over Head: 230 lb
Medium Load: 77-153 lb Lift Off Ground: 460 lb
Heavy Load: 154-230 lb Drag or Push: 1120 lb

While Raging:
Max HP: 40 Initiative: +1
AC: 13 (10 + 4 Armor + 1 Dex – 2 Raging)
Touch: 9 Flat-Footed: 12
Dodge AC Bonus: +1 (When Applicable)
Shield AC Bonus: +1 (When Equipped)
Fortitude: 8 Base Attack Bonus: +2
Reflex: 1 CMB: +7
Will: 1
Light Load: 0-133 lb Lift over Head: 400 lb
Medium Load: 134-266 lb Lift Off Ground: 800 lb
Heavy Load: 267-400 lb Drag or Push: 2000 lb

Skills and Abilities:
Name Total Stat Stat Mod Ranks Misc
Acrobatics 6 Dex +1 2 +3 (Class Skill)
Intimidate 5 Cha 2 +3 (Class Skill)
Knowledge: Nature 4 Int 1 +3 (Class Skill)
Perception 6 Wis +1 2 +3 (Class Skill)
Ride 5 Dex +1 1 +3 (Class Skill)
Survival 6 Wis +1 2 +3 (Class Skill)
Conditional Modifiers:
+2 to Jump checks from Totem Spirit feat
Languages Known:
Common, Shoanti
Class Abilities: Feats:
Rage(Ex) Dodge
Fast Movement(Ex) Totem Spirit
Rage Power: Intimidating Glare (Ex)
Uncanny Dodge (Ex)

Name Attack Bonus (Raging) Critical Type Damage (Raging) Range Ammunition
Earth Breaker1 +5 (+7) x3 B 2d6+4 (2d6+7)
Dog Slicer +5 (+7) 19-20×2 S 1d6+3 (1d6+5)
Heavy Pick2 +5 (+7) x4 P 1d6+3 (1d6+5)
Javelin +2 x2 P 1d6+3 (1d6+5) 30 Ft 2

1 Must be wielded two-handed; two-handed damage mod already factored in.

2 May be wielded two-handed; damage mod becomes +4 (or +7 while also Raging) when wielded two-handed.

Name Bonus Type Check Penalty Spell Failure Weight Max Dex Properties
Hide Shirt +4 M -3 20% 25 lb +4
Shield, Light Wooden +1 S -1 5% 5 lb

Item Weight Item Weight
Hide Shirt 25 lb Explorer’s Clothing 8 lb
Earth Breaker 14 lb Flint and Steel
Dogslicer 1 lb Lantern, Hooded 2 lb
Heavy Pick 6 lb Pint of Oil (3) 3 lb
Javelins (2) 4 lb Trail Rations (5 Days’) 5 lb
Shield, Light Wooden 5 lb Rope, Hempen (50 Feet) 10 lb
Backpack 2 lb Torches (5) 5 lb
Bedroll 5 lb Waterskins (2) 8 lb
Crowbar 5 lb

PP: 0
GP: 16
SP: 0
CP: 5

Born into the Shoanti Wind Clan, the Tamiir-Quah, Tekal has spent his entire life on the move. Just as the currents of the air drift and blow across his native Storval Plateau, so do the people who take its name for their own. Following the clouds and the seasons, the herds of game move from one part of the Plateau to another, and so the Tamiir-Quah follow them.

Chosen at a young age for his strength of limb and robust heart, Tekal entered the Warrior Society of his clan at the age of six. Since that time, he has trained as a hunter and protector of his brethren, immersed in a way of life that values prowess in battle, skill in the hunt, and the bonds of brotherhood over all else.

Upon attaining the age of maturity at 16, Tekal was brought before the Tamiir-Quah’s ruling Triad. The head of the Warrior Society, Crymnak Bloodfist, presented him to the other two members, Meylah Stormcall of the Druid Caste and Shaddok Brightsoul of Gozreh’s Chosen. Tekal was found worthy to begin his journey to manhood by the Triad, and the winds of life were asked to bless him.

Thus started the first of Tekal’s true adventures. Now called Tekal Wind-Blown, he must venture forth into the world and follow where the winds lead, to learn of life and himself. For five years, the winds will guide him on a path different from that of all the Wind-Blown who have come before, before they guide him inexorably home. When the time comes for him to reunite with his Brothers in the Warrior Society, a celebration will be held in his honor, and the tale of his wandering will be told. From those deeds, Tekal’s true Name will be found, and he will be Wind-Blown no more.

Lately, as he has wandered the countryside of Varisia, blown from forest to city to stream, Tekal has felt the winds of fate bring him to the small town of Sandpoint, far from the lands he calls home…

Tekal Wind-Blown (deceased )

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