Matt's Rise of the Runelords

This is the end... my only friend the end...

So first off I want to thank my players for an entertaining and surprising journey through Pathfinder 1, Burnt Offerings. Many times I’d find myself thinking, and often even saying, “I totally didn’t expect THAT.” And true to form the adventure drew to a close in surprising and ludicrous fashion. So, on to 4E and some time to decide where we go from here. But… here’s a bit of a log for this last session…

So, we started off a bit slowly… redoing the first room of the second level of the dungeon. The party entered to find broken statues, grimy walls, and all in all what looked to be a long lost dungeon. So long as you discount the whole chiseled door and disturbed dust down the center of the room. Cautiously moving forward Ailis listened at the far door hearing nothing. Tekal opens the door to find… a hallway. And statues. And an oddly polished section of the floor, totally out of place with the overall grime. Ailis examines the space and finds a pressure plate connected to two of the glaive wielding statues and what appears to be recessed portcullises. Cleverly deducing a trap she jams the pressure plate and then the party moves forward, careful to avoid the trapped area… except of Kajsa who gracefully jumps directly onto the plate which appears to have been successfully disarmed.

Choosing between two doors, the party heads right (South) where they find a large set of double doors carved to resemble skulls and a pillar of giant gold coins… Obviously the skull doors are the way to go. Beyond them sits a room containing 6 sarcophagi and a statue of a severe looking man wielding a glaive. The group moves in and investigates the room, a few moments later 3 shadows rise from floor and attack. The party wins through, though Tekal and Etina are both weakened by the numbing cold of the Shadows’ attacks. A brief debate on what to do ends with the party deciding to press on… back to the North door they go where they find…

Nualia and her deformed guardian dire badgers (okay, this was supposed to be a Yeth hound but I decided the fear thing was just annoying and had decided to replace it with an equivalent CR encounter). “You aren’t my body guards…” and combat ensues. The narrow passageway hinders the flow of combat, but Ailis rushes forward, leaping up onto the work bench like ledge that circled the room. She draws a few swipes from the badgers, but manages to gain a momentarily advantageous position. Etina moves forward engaging a badger, as the other works at trying to kill Ailis. Tekal is blocked from entering so launches arrows into the room as Kajsa summons her first wolf. Nualia dispatches the wolf, moving up to engage Ailis. More blows are exchanged and Ailis falls, the badger turning to help block the door.

Desperation takes hold and Etina and Tekal leap past the badgers into the room striking at Naulia. Tekal falls to her sword and claw and Etina and Kajsa begin to try and withdraw. Badgers are slain but Etina is struck down. And then… Kajsa turns into a tree. Yes. A tree. Naulia takes a moment to stabilize Etina, in hopes of sacrificing her later, and turns to the tree… “Who are you, and what do you want?”. A few moments of indecision and Kasja decides to answer, turning back into her gnome form to do so… and then she drinks a potion of longstrider and RUNS. Into the dead end sarcophagi room. Naulia waits in the doorway, delaying a moment to verbally belittle Kasja. She takes action after she realizes Kasja is healing herself. Queue Benny Hill music as Kasja runs away again, only to be lapped by Nualia who blocks the way out. Kasja runs away into the sarcophagi room again(yakkity sax). Naulia, not being totally dumb, closes the doors to keep Kasja from slipping past… and then wolves! Kasja spent her time summoning wolves. Who knock Nualia down and try to savage her. She fights from the ground, killing one which is quickly replaced with another summoned wolf (yakkity sax). Wolves vanish and another appears. Kasja throws some fire… and Nualia dies. Yes. Nualia is killed by the gnome druid, her wand of produce flame and her summoned wolf pack.

Kasja revives Etina and the two of them hole up in the observing room till the next morning. Kasja uses her spells to charm the horse upstairs, they strap the bodies of Tekal and Ailis (and the rabbits as well), spider climb the horse down the side of the island, through the water, up the cliffs into the ticket of thorns and back to town. They are welcomed back with sadness and satisfaction. The mayor and Father Zantus agree to hold on to the bodies and see what they can do about raising them.

Night comes to Sandpoint, darkness covers the city and the townsfolk settle into sleep secure that their heroes have bought them peace with their sacrifices. A cloud passes in front of the moon and a priest shifts uneasily in his sleep; an orange light flickers briefly in a well. A majestic looking horse neighs and shifts nervously; red eyes stare, a sound of wordless frustration, madness and hunger filling a shadowy temple chamber. A guard pulls his cloak tighter and looks to the south; a woman’s scream drifts faintly across a salt moor as a fog moves in. Offerings have been made, promises spoken, actions can not be undone.

XP: 1200 (6525 total)
Stuff: +1 Breastplate, +1 Bastard Sword, Sihedron medallion (+1 Resistance bonus to saves, False Life 1/day, Gentle Repose if placed on a corpse), 7 pp, 5 gp


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