Matt's Rise of the Runelords

The Skinsaw Murders, Session 8 10/16/09

Session XP Award: 2400xp
Stuff: 10 MW war razors, 12 cultist outfits, 500gps in various coins, Box with 3 flawed diamonds (worth 600gps total), Crystal Decanter set w/Obsidian stopper (300gps), The Syrpents Tane-Fairy Tales of the Eldest, Painting of a frozen city with icy cathedrals and domed buildings (200gps), 3 potions of Barkskin (Caster level 3), +1 War Razor, 10 Skinsaw Masks, Reaper’s Mask, Wand of Cure Moderate wounds (12 charges)
Characters Present
Etina Jewelfist, Monk
Kajsa Bramblington & Mrow, Druid and Firepelt companion
Kloq Swarqmor & Bully, Ranger and dog companion
Yseult Angevin, Cleric of Cayden Cailean

Magnimar, Friday November 7th 4708AR
Party heads down to the brother’s sawmill. Their preliminary searches find no one outside and the doors unbarred. The party enters and begins investigating the mill. Upstairs the encounter slightly creepy, yet friendly, workmen who after a brief talk offer to take them upstairs to their lord.

Agreeing, everyone heads upstairs. The lord is a tall, older elf… huh… go figure that one. Combat ensues. Lightning. Fire. More fire. Death. And the party wins.

Quickly looking about they find sand and water and start to put out the quickly spreading fires. The search the bodies and then search the lords office finding his grisly collection of preserved faces. Up a ladder to a rookery where three ravens are kept. Kajsa converses for a bit with them, and then releases and follows one to the Clock Town in the shadow district.

The Syrpents Tane-Fairy Tales of the Eldest an old and beautifully filigreed tome containing numerous hand drawn illustrations. This book tells the tales of the Tane – goliaths of war and madness dreamed into being by the most feared of the fey elders known as the Twisted. The Tane are terrible to behold, forces of elemental chaos and destruction, living engines of war that can eat dragons, level mountains or rain fire from the skies. This book in particular telsl the tale of the Jabberwok (a thing of thorns and fire and chrushing fury), the Thrasfyr (the Dreaming Hill of the Dark, a barbed thing of iron and hooks and blades that is said to have taken part in the 3000 year long war of the Eldest), and the Sard (the Storm of Insanities, a thing of boughs and briers and misery, a mad creature that can tear a roc in two or fell a castle with a single blow).

Skinsaw Masks
-Donning the mask fills the wearer with intense rushes of hatred and scenes of murder. Living beings are reduces to scents of fear and glowing trails as the pumping of the heart and flowing of blood in their veins is made clearly visible to the wearer.
-These masks radiate evil necromantic magics. +1 Profane bonus to damage with slashing weapons against living creatures. +2 Competence bonus to Perception rolls against creatures not immune to fear. The wearer suffers a point of Chr damage caused by the profane thoughts filling their heads.
Reaper’s Mask
-As skinsaw mask, plus the ability to cast confusion 1/day


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