Matt's Rise of the Runelords

The Skinsaw Murders

Kick starting the RotRL game

Everyone has 8000gp to spend on gear, and has earned 6625 xp on the Fast xp chart

It is still 4708 AR (Absalom Reckoning). The previous game spanned a period of about 10 days, starting with the Autumnal Equinox in mid October. (It’s always amazing to consider how quickly people advance in relation to the world as a whole) This places the “End” of the game right around what would be Halloween, not that they celebrate that in game. We will be “advancing” the game about another tenday, placing it into early November.

The weather has grown colder, the winter showing signs of coming on. The sea mitigates this effect somewhat though cold rain in place of snow isn’t necessarily better. The town of Sandpoint has begun the transition from harvest to winter as travelers head home, farmers try to make their last transactions before heading to their steads and as a whole the mood grows more somber. The tavern’s nights are filled with stories and tales, speculation on how this winter will compare to ones past and hope that at least this year the goblin menace will be less.

The bodies of Tekal and Alise have lain in the church crypts, and Father Zantus has begun to make preparations to bury them before the winter freeze sets in. Etina has found links in her friend’s notes to the seven pointed star symbol you’ve seen in the ruins to an assassin’s cult. Brodert’s research has led him to believe that some other ruins in he area might hold a clue to helping him make sense of some of the findings from below the town.

Offerings have been made, promises spoken, deeds can not be undone.


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