Matt's Rise of the Runelords

Summary 12/19, No no there is to much, let's sum up

XP: 400 (total 3350, 3rd level)
Stuff: 50gps(from Aldern’s reward), 100gps(from the sage for the book)

Speak to Father Zantus and the sage regarding all the group has seen. Book is written in Thassalonian (and abyssal, but those are the notes in the margins). The journal itself is sort of a prayer book to Lamatashu, a mix of ritual and bestiary. The notes provide snap shots into the quaist’s (presumably) decent into madness, coupled with her increasingly devote worship of Lamatashu.

FZ has the party go with him to the temple so he and two assistants can do rituals over the alter and break/destroy the physical manifestations of the Lamatashu shrine. While there he also uses his blood to summon sinspawn from the orange pool so that the energy contained there in can be worn out and the creatures destroyed in a controlled fashion.

Alise goes to see Aldern. His interactions with Alise are both flirtatious and a little overbearing. Alise suspects there is something more behind them, Aldern seems troubled but denies he is worried about anything. Aldern leaves town the next day.

Tsuto proves unhelpful and silent. Makes attempts to kill/bludgeon himself when pressed hard for information.

The sage translates the book. He sends word that he wants to buy the book. The party goes to see him and agrees to sell it to him so long as he allows them access to it (and him) when they need. He agrees, with a little reluctance.
Journal Timeline
  • Explosions trap the Q, she can find no way out of the temple complex
  • She starts to worship Lamatashu
  • Starts referring to her as “Mother”
  • Starts referring to her “subjects” in the pits and her soldiers from the well
  • The references get a bit… creepier and more deranged regarding the nature of her subjects
  • Noises of digging and she is “invaded”. Chases them off. The tunnels are again blocked.
  • “Mother” tells her to expect a sister to come to her
  • An emissary comes from “The Priestess”. This person wants her to attack the town above, but she wants them to fight and replenish her well before she will commit her soldiers to their cause.

The following two days pass relatively uneventfully. The town is still coming to grips with the killings at the glassworks so soon on the heels of the goblin attacks. Few talk about it, and those that do are certainly troubled. Jokes at the goblins somewhat comical initial attack are gone and sour. Sheriff Hemlock returns with a handful of green Magnimar soldiers.


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