Matt's Rise of the Runelords

Shopping notes

Shopping stuff This is stuff I think you plan on selling with a sell price listed for it all.
                                        Sell price
+1 viscous adamantine polearm   11325   5663
+1 hide shirt                   1150    575
+1 Large Human Bane oger hook   8325    4163
ring of protection +1           2000    1000
5 +1 oger hooks                 11625   5813
necklace of mighty con +2       4000    2000 (total 24714)

Odd bone prism                  11000   5500
Phylactery of Positive Channeling
Head slot item. Basically adds 2d6 to the wearer's channel energy uses.

scroll                          3375    1700
cone of cold(lvl 9), hold monster(lvl 9), telekinesis (lvl 9)

Stuff you might buy
Wand of Cure Light (d8+1)       750
Wand of Cure Moderate (2d8+3)   4500
Scroll of raise dead            6125
Potion-Cure Serious (3d8+5)     750
Potion-Cure Moderate (2d8+3)    300


instantapathy anonynos

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