Matt's Rise of the Runelords

Session 1 Summary

Stuff: 5gps, (masterwork) goblin horsechopper XP: 450xp


Goblin kills dog, others come out start fire, cause mayhem. Party kills them. Attempts to put out/move fiery wagon more goblins show up with a warchanter. Fighting, Father Zantus is slightly injured, again party kills them all. Screams from the north, goblins killing a dog and closing in on a noble looking fellow (Aldern Foxglove). Party surprises and kills them… and their little dog too.

Aldern invite them to come boar hunting, posits potential reward.

Captured goblin. “Longshanks” wanted to come to the cemetery for something.

Broken mausoleum, stolen body.

Aftermath: At first everyone is rather shocked and horrified. Somber and scared. As the night wears on later, and folk drink more, it becomes something of a morbid joke. The goblins pure insanity and strange behavior become the but of jokes and funny stories. Humor starts to put a fuzzy haze over the horror.

Garridan Viskalai, owner of “The White Deer” (the inn that Aldern was cornered in front of) offers the 4 party members a couple of rooms and a free meal for their involvement with keeping the Father safe, and for killing those goblins before they could do any harm to his place. Tekal will note that a number of the decoration in the inn are of Shoanti design, specifically pointing towards the shriikirri-quah (Hawk Clan).


instantapathy Venlar

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