Matt's Rise of the Runelords

Hook Mountain Massacre, Session 16 5/28/10

Etina Jewelfist, Monk
Kajsa Bramblington & Mrow, Druid and Firepelt companion
Kloq Swarqmor & Bully, Ranger and dog companion
Yseult Angevin, Cleric of Cayden Cailean
XP: 1200 (57625)

Hook Mountain, December 15th 4708AR
In this session the party continues to press it’s assault on Hook Mountain. The forge room behind them they weigh their options and send Kloq up a passageway to scout it out. As he nears the top of the passage he can tell it opens into a larger cave area, and can hear some activity from inside, but before he can get close enough to see what is going on he hears a voice call out. Odd, but feminine, the voice seems to question, then demand reply but he does not understand the language. He quickly retreats from the area.

The party takes this info and decides to head back up the stairs and deal with the area so as to not leave it at tier back when they move on the stone giant lord. Cresting the stairway and entering into the cavern they are confronted with a group of a half dozen or so ice covered zombies, an undead archer of some sort, and a call to parley. The party entertains the parley for a bit, talking to the crones and gaining a small incite into what they are doing but as they ask for safe passage away Yseult decides that she can have none of that and launches HOLY ASSAULT! It’s MODERATELY EFFECTIVE! and the fight is on. The Combat goes a few back and forths, Yseults holy energies making short work of the undead rabble, a beat down on the undead archer (whos bow shoots mother fucking DEATH and evaporates into nothing when it’s dropped), and some up close and personal time with the hags who pt up a bit of a fight with their coven casting DOOM and confusion spells but in the end the party puts them all down and even keeps the invisible one from managing to get very far before Kajsa Faerie Fires her and some curb stomping goodness happens.

After a brief invention of the room the party finds little of use. A large decent quality folding up rite mirror, some non magical ritual gear, oh and a blood filled cauldron whose magic is quickly dissipating now that the crones are no longer sustaining the spell. Also, the body of the former Black Arrow commander who had been turned into the undead archer defending the crones. After discussing how to transport the body back to the Nymph they settle for using the mirror as a make shift stretcher and move on.

By passing another set of stairs the party heads towards fresh air and what they think is the location of the stone giant they believe is leader of this rabble. After a bit of winding through the large corridors they enter into the large cavern that serves as open aired throne room. Old and worn by the years statues line the hall, their rough features showing no semblance of life nor awareness, and stand as silent guardians of the approach to the lord of Hook Mountain.

Sitting on a stone throne sized to match his 30’ tall frame Barl watched the party approach with a look of disinterest. His lone giant body guard hefts a boulder and but offers no resistance to the parties approach aside from asking them what they want here. Throughout the conversation that follows it becomes apparent that while he understands the Common tongue Lord Barl does not dain to speak it. He expresses some confusion over what the party wishes to accomplish here, thinking they want to stop the storms. He doesn’t seem to know of the other aspects such as the Rune Forge or the cultists, as his job was to come gather the ogres and start them forging weapons. As the conversation wanes, the body guard seems to waver in his loyalty to the cruel and dismissive Barl and just as violence seems imminent his posture indicates he will stand aside for the party, if not aid them directly.


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