Matt's Rise of the Runelords

Hook Mountain Massacre, Session 14 5/7/10

Etina Jewelfist, Monk
Kajsa Bramblington & Mrow, Druid and Firepelt companion
Kloq Swarqmor & Bully, Ranger and dog companion
Yseult Angevin, Cleric of Cayden Cailean
XP: 1000 (52425)

Turtleback Ferry, December 12th-13th 4708AR
The party awakens and heads to Magnimar via Yseult’s teleporting ability. Arriving at the Temple of Cayden Cailean they quickly set about their tasks. They sell off their loot and procure the diamond and diamond dust they need to bring Kajsa back to life and health. Along the way they purchase a number of Cure Light wounds wands to replenish their stocks. Ysuelt is introduced to Luran, self proclaimed cartographer, adventurer, and saver of own skin. One of the temple priests vouches for him, and offers that he might be useful since the group seems to be in a dangerous spot.

The next day the group returns to TBF and bring Kajsa back to life. Some disorientation and explanation goes on with some recovery and then off to see Yap… who has constructed a small (pillow) fort in the room he was left in, proclaiming it to be an outpost of Queen Miriana. After some discussion the party agrees to head off and see his queen, and help her since she is… sick or evil or something. It’s a little unclear.

Heading off into the Shimemrglens, and the Whitewillow area, the party encounters odd dead trees, whispering shadows, and general signs of things not beign right. (Oh, and an ancient galleon in the middle of the forest for no good reason). Eventually they come upon the grotto of Miriana, and they find she is now a ghost, killed by the ogres as she tried to rescue her love, the ranger caption Lamatar. She asks the party to return her love to her, be he alive or dead, and in exchange returns Yaps wings and removes Kajsas remaining negative level.

On the way back to town to prepare to head to Hook Mountain the party discovered the ship gone, a blind albino dog in it’s place. After seeing that they press on back to town and consult with Maelin and the rangers there, who inform them that indeed Hook Mountain is know as the ogre clan hold, and that yes the rangers can help out and assist in the recovery of the whatever remains of their captain.


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