Matt's Rise of the Runelords

Hook Mountain Massacre, Session 11 4/16/10

Etina Jewelfist, Monk
Kajsa Bramblington & Mrow, Druid and Firepelt companion
Kloq Swarqmor & Bully, Ranger and dog companion
Yseult Angevin, Cleric of Cayden Cailean
XP: 2000 (45210)
Stuff: 2 potions of cure moderate, 2 Lrg oger hooks +1, random ogre gear, ring of animal friendship, 21 rings of various condition and quality on 21 mummified fingers (total worth 210gps)

Fort Ranick, December 10th 4708AR
The party enacts it’s plan… Kajsa starts the fire and then goes to gather the shocker lizards (wait, was that part of the plan?). The rest wait for the ogres to notice the fire and then launch their plan. The bell, a brief rush, arrow fire, ogres dying and then… shocker lizards. Unsure what to make of the hissing mass of lizards a few ogres approach and attack… only to be felled by the combined energies of the lizards… the survivor runs only to chased down my the lizard horde. At this point it goes down hill for the goers, a few are slaughtered in the keep, arrows harass those out in the courtyard, and a few survivors run. One is chased down by bird form Kajsa and lightninged to death. The other two run off into the mountains and loose themselves.

The group cleans up, burns some of the bodies and then holes up in a surviving tower for the night.


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