Matt's Rise of the Runelords

Hook Mountain Massacre, Session 10 4/9/10

Etina Jewelfist, Monk
Kajsa Bramblington & Mrow, Druid and Firepelt companion
Kloq Swarqmor & Bully, Ranger and dog companion
Yseult Angevin, Cleric of Cayden Cailean
XP: 3600 (43210)
Stuff: 2 potions of cure moderate, 2 Lrg oger hooks +1, +1 hide shirt, Karzoug Statue

Fort Ranick, December 10th 4708AR
A few moments spent evaluating the area, then Kajsa and Yseult head upstairs to the observation room. There they find a room in relatively good order, with a bed, table, and papers laid out. Resting upon the table is an odd statue made of an oddly light grey stone. Standing about a foot tall the statue depicts a man in robes wielding a polearm with a skull impaled on it in his right hand, and holding a skull to his lips as if drinking from it. The insides of the skull, as well as the tip of the spear, have odd dark stains. At the base of the statue runs a long metal bowl as is a metal scroll case had been cut in half. The bowl is charred and blackened on the inside and smells slightly of incense. (it detects as evocation and illusion and necromancy)

Stashing the statue in a bag they head back down stairs and share their findings with the rest of the party. A few moments of consultation and they all decide to head to the first floor and clean up the rest of the inside areas of the keep. First they take out an ogre using the infirmary as a workshop for his macabre dioramas, then a sensitive ogre poet who’s medium was the putrefying flesh of one of the black arrows, and a handful of ogre rabble. The outside ogres seem to not notice, or perhaps not care about, the noise of the momentary combats.

They then spend some moments planning their assault on the ogres outside the keep area. Archers in piecemeal armor to a tower, Kajsa starting a fire in the barracks, and a killign ground created in the entryway. Good times.

The papers are a combination of things such as plans for the paradise riverboat, order requests, log notes (no names, just figures and items), deeds of ownership, etc. on top of these are two noteworthy papers…

  • A rough piece of paper folded in half and written in giant
    Your doltish ogres continue to kill the prisoners for sport. Normally I would not care, but I need them alive to power the statue. The next one to accidentally kill a prisoner will take his place. —L
  • A single scroll is tightly wound and sealed with a thin clear wax. When unfurled an odd spicy smelling dust crumbles off the waxy feeling paper.
    I apologize for the delay in my reply, the ogres have not taken care to keep the prisoners alive so I am rationing the last remaining ones to ensure I have enough to sustain these communications until I return. The Crone’s magic has sustained the rain beyond expectations, the sacrifices must have gone well. I have not been to the dam, but I am told the ogre’s work proceeds apace and Storval Deep should be unleashed within a few days. My short time amongst the humans was fruitful, nearly half the town is marked for the ritual. Once the waters are released their energies should be drawn to the Runewell. If the Coven’s theories are correct the shock should breech the barrier and open the way to the Runeforge.
    Prepare your soldiers to seize the Keystone. The ones responsible for interfering with the outlying Runewell should be well away from Sandpoint now by now, with any luck they will be in time for the flood and join the souls of this town in their doom. The world will shake to announce your time, be ready.
    By Karzoug’s will, I obey


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