Matt's Rise of the Runelords

Hook Mountain Massacre, Session 1 1/16/10

XP: 150xp (24000 total)
Stuff: 125gps each (reward from Sherif Hemlock)
Etina Jewelfist, Monk
Kajsa Bramblington & Mrow, Druid and Firepelt companion
Kloq Swarqmor & Bully, Ranger and dog companion
Yseult Angevin, Cleric of Cayden Cailean

Magnimar, Saturday November 11-16th 4708AR
Party investigates for cult activity in Magnimar, spends some money and acquire/create new items. Finding no activity to speak of the paty then heads to Sandpoint, a 3 day journey by road.

Sandpoint, Saturday November 20th 4708AR
Arriving in town the party checks in with Sheriff Hemlock. He is pleased to hear that they slew the murderer (the Skinsaw man) and while somewhat concerned about the cult activity, he mostly is relieved that his towns troubles seem to be passing. He promises the party a reward of 500gps, that will be delivered to them at their inn once he gets it fro the town treasury. He inquires about the sanitarium, which the party hadn’t gotten to check out, and offers to send someone out there but the party says they’ll go in the morning.

Sandpoint, Saturday November 21th 4708AR
The party heads out to Habe’s Sanitarium. The rain continues so the travel is slow going and cold. As the party approaches they note the lack of lights in the windows or smoke from the fireplaces, an indication of trouble.

The small cabin shows signs of use, old food beds etc., but the signs are obviously days old. The sanitarium itself, a somber grey stone building, shows more direct signs of trouble… the front door sits unhinged in the doorway, obviously broken from the inside. The party enters cautiously, taking itself time searching but initially finding nothing of aside from the distinct signs of neglect.

Upstairs they encounter one of the denizens of this place. An old blind man rocks back and forth on a cot in a cell. Kloq attempts to communicate wit him but he appears non responsive, up until he bites Kloq hat is…. and then a bit of hell breaks loose (just a bit, the creatures aren’t really terribly effective)... Yseult’s holy channeling burns through the undead, Etina’s fists of fury crush their chests, Kloq’s fiery axe of doom doesn’t really get used, but Kajsa’s wand of fiery doom fists does… 5 destroyed undead later the group finds the basement room who’s walls are covered with crazy writings, in what everyone decides is blood.

Upstairs the party finds a single room with pools of blood, torn paper fragments, and tools of “surgery” scattered about. Using diligence and liberal applications of Mend the part pieces together the final notes of Habe, detailing his excitement at watching his subject succumb to ghoul fever. Given the dates involved it would appear the man fell to the disease 2 days after the party headed to Magminar.

The party heads back to town to report and to get Kloq’s diseased hand looked at.

Crazy write’n!
  • Many ramblings about “teeth” and “the skinsaw man comes”
  • He awakens
  • the bodies the signs and portents… to the misgivings you go
  • The turtle back will carry you to paradise, the mistress asks only your soul as a wager.
  • (burned into a door with a bloody siehdron rune over it) The mark is on your body your soul is in the well


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